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Laplacebo Logo  by Laplacebo Laplacebo Logo :iconlaplacebo:Laplacebo 5 4 Portrait practice by Laplacebo Portrait practice :iconlaplacebo:Laplacebo 20 3 What are your orders? (OP OC, fake screenshot) by Laplacebo What are your orders? (OP OC, fake screenshot) :iconlaplacebo:Laplacebo 17 5 Nero, of the Mink Tribe. (One Piece OC) by Laplacebo Nero, of the Mink Tribe. (One Piece OC) :iconlaplacebo:Laplacebo 8 2 ...rain Damage! by Laplacebo ...rain Damage! :iconlaplacebo:Laplacebo 19 5 Head in the clouds. (final) by Laplacebo Head in the clouds. (final) :iconlaplacebo:Laplacebo 26 6 Head in the clouds. by Laplacebo Head in the clouds. :iconlaplacebo:Laplacebo 12 0 The Witch of Whitechapel (OC) by Laplacebo The Witch of Whitechapel (OC) :iconlaplacebo:Laplacebo 10 0 Taylor, the cheeky barkeeper (OC) by Laplacebo Taylor, the cheeky barkeeper (OC) :iconlaplacebo:Laplacebo 11 0 Taylor, the cheeky barkeeper (OC) [sketch] by Laplacebo Taylor, the cheeky barkeeper (OC) [sketch] :iconlaplacebo:Laplacebo 8 0 Superpower collab with Annlil by Laplacebo Superpower collab with Annlil :iconlaplacebo:Laplacebo 10 3 Damokles by Laplacebo Damokles :iconlaplacebo:Laplacebo 9 0 Taylor, the cheeky barkeeper (OC) by Laplacebo Taylor, the cheeky barkeeper (OC) :iconlaplacebo:Laplacebo 16 3
Circurse chapter 2/1
By Laplacebo
Chapter 2 - The Witch of Whitechapel 
The silence of the night embraces Torikago. But at the godless border to the Gomorrha district, at the 'Fence', the cold air is set in motion. The neon sign of 'The Hells Mascot' gives the dreary scenery a reddish glow. The old-fashioned bar rises up on the meager wall, which includes Gomorrha. The building with its strange structure and the unusually divided roof is the perfect pre-warning of what is to be kept in the 'Birdcage'. Gomorrha is the place of the unholy, of the ill, of disease, and of death. Whosoever, or whatever is cast out of Torikago without first finding death, will inevitably reach the place Torikago is threateningly surrounding. Condemned to rot within his walls, life vegetates in freedom from the so-called Holy City. By the corrupt government, the sin is nevertheless haunted by the fangs of the Inquisition and other idealist
:iconlaplacebo:Laplacebo 8 0
Damokles, the baseball bat by Laplacebo Damokles, the baseball bat :iconlaplacebo:Laplacebo 9 0 Mashup Challenge by Laplacebo Mashup Challenge :iconlaplacebo:Laplacebo 21 6


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Portrait practice
My friend/mentor gave me the hint that I should try out portraits, so I tried to draw her. Hope she doesn't see this, as I didn't ask her for permission, but I didn't knew who to practice if you see this, I'm sorry ^^
What are your orders? (OP OC, fake screenshot)
Here we go with Nero again, this time I put him into a scene of the anime, during Marineford with his captain Whitey Bay, who saved him from slavery. Minks, like Nero, score high prices at slave auctions. In this one he hides his big ears, as he often isn't taken seriously by others. He was born on Zou and was part of Nekomamushis guardians there. He was very close to the Kingsbirds Carrot and Wanda, as well as Bepo. He often argues and fights with Nekomamushi and often because of Nero's inferior size. For a male mink he is rather small and doesn't looks threatening at all. Because of this arguments Inuarashi has taken a liking into him. One day a fight between them escalates and ends in Neros heavy scar on his face as well as his ripped ear. Hurt in his pride he disobeys Nekomamushi and deserts from the guardians. As Bepo left Zou when he was very young to become a pirate, Nero decides to do the same. He makes his painful goodbye to Wanda and Carrot and heads for the sea. Completely lost he heads for Whole Cake Island. But he would never reach it. He gets caught by a warship. After a fight against Amande of the Big Mom pirates, he loses conciousness and ends up getting traded for a high price at an auction. He has no devil fruit, but is capable of Armament and Observation Haki. At that he has mastered two techniques of Rokushiki: Geppou and Kamie. He fight with a Colichemarde (sword), which is called 'The Crying Blade' and is one of the 50 master swords. It has a curse on it. He has a weakness for cheese and hates it when people underestimate him because of his appearance. He would die for his captain, but she sometimes treats him like a pet, which he cannot stand.

One Piece, Whitey Bay & crew belong to Eiichiro Oda!
Nero, of the Mink Tribe. (One Piece OC)
I was in the mood to make a character for the One Piece universe, which I am a huge fan of. So here he is ^^ a former slave of the Tenryuubito, who was freed by Whitey Bay, a pirate captain of the new world...and is a part of her crew from then on.
Thank you Okami--sama for tagging me! :D I will get back at you someday xD Soo...Let's get this done!

Answer 12 questions that you have been asked and then create 12 more questions for 12 others that you tagged to answer.

I have stopped counting how much I do this, but nevermind xD


1. Did the Deviantart help you find what you wanted? Friends, support, popularity?

Well, to be honest I don't know what I wanted, when I started here. I am not that much of an artist to gain popularity, but I found friends here, who support me! And that was more than I could have wished for. Although that was not what I was expecting here, cuz I am basically invincible here :D

2. Do other people's work affect your perception and your drawing?

You wouldn't believe how much :3 I have so many amazing artists around me and I try to learn as much from them as I can.

3. Drawing is only one of your hobbies? What else are you interested in besides?

I am a kinda boring person. I love reading, playing video games and sleeping, if that counts xD of course I love to spend time with my friends... could be that I am forgetting something. But who cares...

4. What is your art work you like most? And why?

This question is kinda hard ^^ especially cuz I still need to improve a lot, but I guess I like the vibe of 'Tasty Lantern'...hard to describe why, maybe that I put a message into it. I really dunno...

5. What makes you happy?

Basically chocolate :D thats my secret!
Endorphins and stuff ;) but I like to spend time with people I like, or with things that I enjoy! I am happy if there is a calming atmosphere around me, you could say.

6. You set a goal and go to it? Or do you currently have no goal?

I appreciate goals in life, but not many and ones that are likely to be made true. Everything else causes dissappointment in yourself, which is pointless. I try to enjoy life as it happens ^^ sure I got goals like good grades and stuff and achieving certain things in my future, but thats nothing out of the ordinary, I suppose. And its better to keep track of the way instead of the end if it.

7. How do you get your inspiration?

Primarily artists I enjoy :3 but also lots of music! At that also from art in general, people I see and even history...I guess inspiration occurs in all forms and thats amazing about it :3 as you never know how it finds its way into your mind.

8. What is your favorite style of art?

I really enjoy the japanese style! Mangas of course, yeah! But I am really in love with the traditional art they apply, but I guess art from the far east in general!

9. Has it ever happened that your art work that you really like does not receive enough attention from the people?

Nah...I guess I am getting more attention than I deserve, cuz people are very kind here :3 I highly appreciate that by the way! But if I had to choose one, it would be 'Inkfinity' as I put lots of effort into it and even if it didn't turned out that was liked one time, which was in my opinion relatively dissappointing if you compare it to others of my works...but am absolutely satisfied with the support I receive, so I don't have anything to complain about 💕

10. Do you have any favorite artists?

Sure I have :3 tons! My friends here belong to them and I try to show that to them by showing my admiration of their art! The ones I mean already know that ^^ and yeah Okami--sama, you belong to them :3
Apart from that I am a huge admirer of Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece. Of course I could enumerate other famous Mangakas and Deviantartists too. But this is my focus for now, as it would take too long :D

11. Do you get pleasure from drawing?

I wouldn't call it pleasure, but I can calm down by drawing! It is really relaxing for me!

12. Do you often feel too lazy to sit down for drawing?

Yeah...unfortunately! Sometimes I am just stressed out and want to think of nothing, if that makes sense ^^

My questions:
1. What brought you here? I mean Deviantart.
2. Where do you get your inspiration from?
3. Which tools do you use to create your art?
4. Which of your artworks do you like most and why?
5. Were you ever suprised by the resonance you received for one of your works? That includes negative experiences.
6. Do you have a special place, where you make your art?
7. Are you a person of change or do you prefer a steady life?
8. Which adjectives describe yourself best?
9. Your favorite food?
10. If you could draw like one artist that exists or existed at any time, who would it be?
11. Is art your whole cosmos, or do you have other significant hobbies and interests?
12. What do you think of 'Tagging'? xD

So thanks again Okami--sama 💕 it was a pleasure as always!

Okami--sama kotakotoka KennyCastafi Akiala Aroco saperlipop nakama-adopts Gaalad Annlil Nina55555 ShirazukiOkami Dreyce ellehcim88


Laplacebo's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist
Just a little hobby artist, who enjoys drawing. My mind can be a mess, so I am kinda off-track sometimes xD I would be really happy, if some of you actually like my stuff, but primarily I do this because I love it! Anyways, I hope you will enjoy my drawings...


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